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New Year’s Eve Musical Party Tickets 31. Dec. 2019

Ft70 000 Ft

Ticket prices:

Early bird prices (are valid until 10 November 2019):
Adults: HUF 60 000 /person, or EUR 191 /person.
Child: 0 – 5 years: Free, HUF 0 .
6 -13 years: HUF 30 000 /person, or EUR 95 / person.
From 14 years: HUF 60 000 /person, or EUR 191 / person.
VIP tickets: HUF 70 000/person (adult or child) or EUR 223 / person (adult or child). 
VIP tables: right around the stage and in front of  the panoramic windows.

The ballroom is furnished with round tables for 10 each. If the ticket buyer does not require all the ten seats, we will sell the free seats around the table to other guests. The number on your ticket is the number of the table reserved for you. There are no reserved seats at the tables, please take them on a „first come first served” basis.